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Tickets Please!

The absurdity of potato chips serving as legitimate tickets, and the conductor munching away for verification.


Riki Phukon

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This was a quick write-up I composed as soon as I woke up. This dream made my day!

0650hrs 4 February 2024

I woke up from a lovely dream man. Bright day, golden hour. I was traveling on the train. Seated in the lower berth, prolly tier 3. On my right sits this annoying individual. I was on a phone call, it was prolly Dimi. The guy annoys me by leaning close to eavesdrop on the conversation/by saying something mid call. I become angry af and lash out.

I don't remember his face, but I bet it was very punchable

I remember saying something on the phone that goes like "Mera next train northeast jane ka hai. Cute Northeastern chicks milenge" loudly with a grin. The view outside is great. The landscape is glowing under the golden sun rays. I see streams, tea gardens, etc.

We then start talking about movies, now I'm starting to forget which as I'm writing about my dream now.

The guy I clashed with and I exchange apologies, share a hug, and bid our goodbyes.

I go the last seat on the train. The last seat is like a Tata Bus's last seat. The kind that served as a school bus during my childhood days. Yk the dark green, long rectangular Tata buses.

Anyway, we wait on the last seat as the conductor checks the tickets, an oddity given that we had already stopped and were about to disembark.

The Highlight

This was so funny. I remember me laughing in the dream. I also wake up and kept smiling for a long time. So the ticket is nothing but a chip. The eatable. The snack!! The potato chip is the ticket!

fuck yeah, a potato chip is the ticket

Turns out you have to open up your packet, and the conductor takes out a chip and eats it. He verifies our 'legitimate' presence by munching on them. He comes near me, I see the passengers infront swiftly tearing their packet of chips and the conductor taking on out and eating it.

The conductor sure loves his job. He comes to me, I tear my packet of potato chips. He takes one out, eats it with a loud crunch and then proceeds to check the ticket of the passenger on my right (whom I had a minor altercation with)

he was munching on so many chips in the dream... lmao

There also was an old lady. She also takes out a potato chip and then stands up bidding farewell to the fellow passengers and me.

Like I said, the train kinda transforms into the structure of a Tata bus at the end of the journey. So when I was leaving the train and I stand up, I see myself in the reflection on the glass behind the last seat.

I was a grown up man in the reflection. I had a goatee. Wearing a green polo (maybe). My lips were kinda big tho. I looked like Jordan Peele from the sketch comedy series Kay&Pelee. lol

Potato chips being legit tickets and the conductor eating it to verify passengers was so funny I wake up with a sight smile.

The dream was good man.. So funny.. It feels great now was I write about it lying on my bed, warm, under a thick and soft white blanket. I feel the cold winter air rushing in the room. It's cold, cold. Cold! The air stings my face.

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