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Verdant Hills

The mountains of Nagaland during the golden hour


Riki Phukon

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Must make you aware that I post on my personal web three days prior to posting on other sites.


I recently went on a trip to Nagaland. It was such an incredible experience, and I’m still reeling from all the beauty and wonder I saw there.

Merangkong Village

The road that led to it was absolutely breathtaking—winding and narrow, it clung to the side of the mountain and offered stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

The forests were dense and verdant, and the peaks of the mountains rose up like jagged teeth on the horizon. It was a truly beautiful and exhilarating experience, and I’ll never forget it.

Golden hour at the cliff.

One of the highlights of the trip was the ascent to Merangkong village, where I found a bust of Godhula beside the Merangkong village church.

Godhula Brown

Godhula Brown was an Assamese boy who grew up to be a missionary and played an important role in spreading Christianity in the Naga hills. Brown was born Gendhela Barua and was known as “babu” among the Nagas.

He is an important figure in the spread of Christianity in the Naga hills and belonged to the Ahom clan. He was the first missionary to set foot there in 1871. He was known for his unruly behavior and was even expelled from school for disciplinary reasons.

Later, he joined the British Army and learned English. He was converted and baptized in the Sivasagar church in 1860 and began working with William Ward as an evangelist and teacher. He married Ward’s student, Miss Lucy.


He and Dr. Clark (a missionary who, along with his wife, sailed from Boston to India) made the journey to Molungkimong, where they were welcomed with open arms and established the first church in the area. This was the beginning of Christianity in Nagaland, and it paved the way for the spread of the Gospel throughout the region.

We made a pit stop in Merangkong Village.
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