Binary Dreams

Make and share coolest e/acc art on the internet.✨

The landing page shows a series of slides that swipe left and right.

Have you ever encountered art so captivating that it demands you to pause, immersing yourself in its awe-inspiring beauty?


I used a different approach by managing state using the url, so users can share artworks in the exact state of there progress. This allows users to share artworks precisely in the state of their progress.

OG Image


Portals were utilized for rendering share modals, with Jotai facilitating the seamless management of modal states.

Contentlayer was used to validate and transform the post/stories content into type-safe JSON data. This is been a very handy tool.

The editor

Hats off to Ishan for dropping these mind-bending visuals, straight out of the Midjourney magic on his Twitter¹.

The dynamic og image

I was captivated by the pictures and felt compelled to share this the beauty and wonder encapsulated in each image with a wider audience. Feel free to share your thoughts, you can reach me on my Twitter².

Context.: 1 2




Need more project details, or interested in working together? Reach out to me directly at I'd be happy to connect!

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