Project Athena

A student community platform and online academic resource aggregator.

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An open-source initiative aimed at redefining the educational landscape with a comprehensive student community platform and online academic resource aggregator.

πŸ’‘ Feature Showcase

At the core of our platform lies the Resource Finder, a powerful tool that seamlessly provides access to study materials based on specific parameters such as college, department, and semester. Our mission is to make learning more accessible and efficient for students.

🌐 Community Engagement

Project Athena is more than just an academic resource aggregator; it aims to become a vibrant community platform. Join us as we create a space for lively discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

πŸ“ˆ Future Plans

Our vision for Project Athena extends far beyond the present. In the upcoming months, we plan to introduce new features, including an Alumni platform. This platform will enable students to connect with esteemed graduates, gaining invaluable insights for their professional journeys.




Need more project details, or interested in working together? Reach out to me directly at I'd be happy to connect!

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